Suicidal Quotes…


    I went down to the river,
    Then set down on the bank.
    I tried to think but couldn’t,
    So I jumped in and sank.

    The great thing about suicide is that it’s not one of those things you have to do now or you lose your chance. I mean, you can always do it later.

    It is always consoling to think of suicide: in that way, one gets through many a bad night.

    We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.

    We couldn’t imagine the emptiness of a creature who put a razor to her wrists and opened her veins, the emptiness, and the calm.

    Death is life’s way of telling you you’re fired. Suicide is your way of telling life you quit.

    Death is easy. To live is the most painful thing I could imagine and I’m weak and no longer willing to fight.

    Suicide seems to be the greatest kind of freedom, a release from everything, from a life that had been ruined a long time ago